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The DP2K-32B is designed for bigger screens and provides excellent image quality with vibrant colors and rich contrast levels. By merging the projector and media server functionalities into one projector module, the DP2K-32B Barco Alchemy projector is a full-fledged, DCI-compliant projector and media-server solution with on-board storage. Reducing the required hardware, it increases simplicity and reliability. The smart projector detects potential operational errors and warns users in case of mishaps. Great in TMS environments, it operates stand-alone in single-screen applications. Thanks to the embedded Barco Web Commander user interface, shows can be created and scheduled remotely. Low cost of ownership Geared with the integrated Barco Alchemy technology that drives operational and maintenance costs down, the DP2K-32B offers superior image processing, DCI quality images and ultimate reliability at a low TCO. Easy maintenance and operation The DP2K-32B comes with the ‘Barco Web Commander’ screen management system featuring an intuitive user interface. The projector detects potential operational errors and warns users if, for instance, a scheduled show is missing assets or KDMs. It also has an easy-to-use, fully modular architecture for simple serviceability and higher uptime. The DP2K-32B projector is also available in a package with a third-party media server and it can be ordered without the Barco Alchemy module as well. Unique benefits of Barco Alchemy technology Combines media server functionalities with cinema processing electronics Fewer boxes lead to more reliability and ease-of-use Simple operation thanks to intuitive ‘Barco Web Commander’ user interface Easy upgrading of Series 2 projectors with Barco Alchemy module Features Lowest cost of ownership thanks to integrated Barco Alchemy technology, re-usable filters, low maintenance, etc. Includes storage Maximum ease-of-use through intuitive ‘Barco Web Commander’ screen management system, running via a web browser Barco Communicator for simple configuration and updates of all modules in the projector Long-term image quality and brightness thanks to proprietary sealed engine and advanced DMD cooling Easy installation and maintenance thanks to proven modular design and common platform with DP2K C-series
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