CINEMANEXT P-SBOX15 Chri.(221X/2308/ONE)

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The P-SBOX 15 is the first active enclosure customized for specific Digital Cinema Projectors in the world. It is available for: --> P-SBOX15 Nec: NC900C, NC1000C, NC-1100L, NC-1201L. Barco: DPS2K-6E, 8S, 10S, 12C, 15C, 20C, 85LP, 10SLP. Christie: Solaria one+, CP2210, CP2215. --> P-SBOX15CLP Barco: DP2K-15CLP, 20CLP. --> P-SBOX15S Sony: SRX-R510P, R515P. Barco: DP2K19B & 23B. CinemaNext also provides you with two lifting options. The P-LIFTBOX allows you to hang your P-SBOX15 from the ceiling and the P-WALLLIFT from the back wall.
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