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One of the most important parts of an optimal 3D experience is clean lenses. Developed based on the XPANDVISION™ cinema experience, XPANDVISION™ has developed retail wipes that are optimized for 3D glasses. The glasses feature an exlusive formula that cleans, drys, sanitizes 3D glasses of all brands, while preventing damage to the glasses. While this product was developed as an XPANDVISION™ glasses accessory, it is becoming industry standard for all 3D glasses. Ideal for personal usage, the wipes are typically distributed at the cinema ticket counter together with the cinema ticket. This practice minimizes the glasses handling as the glasses can be kept inside the cinema and cleaned by the users. Even more, it enables the viewers to clean the glasses also during the show if needed. These individually wrapped optical antibacterial wipes will effortlessly get rid of fingerprints and smeary marks on your 3D glasses. X-Wipes are manufactured with 13485:2003 ISO certification for manufacturing and marketing of disinfection solutions and wipes in sachets for body surface and medical products. The wipes contains etanol, sodium lauryl ethoxy sulphate, chlorhexydine and water. Each wipe measures 17 × 13.5 cm (6.7 × 5.3 in) when unfolded and 5 × 2 cm (2 × 0.8 in) when folded. Sachet size 8 × 6 cm (3.1 × 2.4 in).
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